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Curved Reusable Scissors (20 Ga) A9-61-21-20 product photo

Curved Reusable Scissors (20 Ga) A9-61-21-20

Product ID: 000000-0624-006
Prod. ID.: 000000-0624-006, FCI Prod.: A9-61-21-20

Reusable Vitreoretinal Instrument Tips are stainless steel and available in 20, 23 and 25 Ga. All tips are supplied with a flushing adapter and fit with the one (A9.6101) or two finger (A9.6102) Control Handles (sold separately).

Non-sterile, reusable

Box of 1

-Designed to work with FCI Reusable Vitreoretinal Handles
- Available in 20, 23, and 25 Ga
- Colour coding for easy identification
- Supplied with a Flushing Adapter

Vitreoretinal Instrument Handle - One Finger Control
A9.6101 / 000000-0556-427
Vitreoretinal Instrument Handle - Two Finger Control
A9.6102 / 000000-0556-428
C$ 1,015.00
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