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EyeMag Light II

Product ID: 304121-9010-000

Lighting the way

The powerful lighting of the EyeMag® Light II maximizes illumination intensity for fine detail recognition. Combined with high-quality ZEISS optics, the LED illumination provides a clear, unaltered view of tiny details and structures thanks to its close resemblance to daylight and even distribution of light.

Two powerful, rechargeable battery packs can each be operated with full light intensity for approximately 4 hours. Both battery packs and a charging cradle are part of the standard delivery package and allow practically interruption-free work – 24/7.

The compact, portable, and ergonomic design optimizes comfort for daily use across a wide range of procedures.

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Technical Data
Light intensity Up to 50,000 Lux (at distance of 300mm), 3-step controllable
Typical color temperature Resembles daylight (approx. 5,700 Kelvin)
Weight of illumination head 19g
Battery run time (with one battery) Around 4 hours at 100% light intensity and 6.5 hours at 33% light intensity
Battery charge time 2-3 hours
Standard Delivery Package

Light carries information. Without light, there is no information.

As high as the magnification may be, it is only effective when the examination or operating field is fully illuminated without shadows. Diffuse illumination through ceiling lighting, oblique light from surgical lamps or other external light sources can cause dark areas. As a result, root canals or fractures laying in shadows can be overlooked.

With a light source mounted on head-worn loupes, it is possible to achieve virtually coaxial illumination (almost parallel beam path to the optical unit). Shadows are removed from the observed object and the homogeneous illumination of the treatment field is thus not impaired.

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No. The LED illumination on EyeMag Light II is not intended for procedures on the eyes.
EyeMag Light II can be mounted to all ZEISS EyeMag medical loupes using an adapter. Adapters for all models are included.

With an orange filter, you can extend the curing times of light-sensitive composite materials.

Light-induced curing is accelerated through the use of intensive illumination. The orange filter included with delivery can be placed in front of the light source for the duration of the procedure when using light-sensitive materials and delays the premature curing caused by EyeMag Light II illumination.

LED illumination that simulates daylight with homogeneous light distribution ensures natural color rendition with fine details and structures.

For use in medicine, it is essential to be able to clearly distinguish colors. Therefore, it is vital to have a true display of the treatment location. Neutral white that corresponds to the color temperature of daylight allows you to distinguish the fine details and structures, e.g. blood vessels in tissue.

With a color temperature of around 5,700 Kelvin, EyeMag Light II delivers illumination that is similar to daylight.

Depending on the application, the illumination intensity can be dimmed. 

The following sequence is activated by repeatedly pressing the On/Off button:

> 100% illumination intensity
> 66% illumination intensity
> 33% illumination intensity
> Light off

Pressing it again, restarts the sequence.

Regardless of the selected illumination intensity, the illuminated field is always almost completely homogeneous illuminated. Therefore, treatment down to the edge areas is also possible at minimal illumination intensity without having to make unnecessary head movements.

The lithium-ion batteries allow you to work virtually without interruption.

The service life of a lithium-ion battery depends on the illumination intensity. At 100 percent illumination intensity, you can work for around 4 hours, while at 33 percent illumination intensity, you can work for approx. 6.5 hours. The charging time is 2-3 hours.

The system comes with two rechargeable lithium-ion batteries and a charger. Because the charging time of a battery is shorter than the discharge of the other battery at maximum illumination intensity, it is possible to work around the clock without interruption.

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For relaxed work, particularly at high magnification, homogeneous light distribution over the entire illuminated field is a key factor.

Like the field of view, the size of the illuminated field depends on the working distance. EyeMag Light II LED illumination can be used on all ZEISS medical loupes. Thanks to the coaxial alignment (virtually parallel beam path) with the optical units, the illuminated field is perfectly matched to the field of view. Due to the lens used in EyeMag Light II, the illuminated field is a little bigger than the field of view.

Furthermore, unlike traditional illumination systems, EyeMag Light II offers a clearly defined illuminated field that is almost completely homogeneous and intensively illuminated throughout the field of view of ZEISS head-worn loupes.

MeditecAG:/Dentistry/EyeMag Light II/EyeMag Light II_Illumination field englisch.jpg 

The function display of the control unit is comprise of a multi-colored LED in the form of a battery symbol. It is used to display the operating and charge status.

Indicator LED Lights up
Green If the remaining charge of the battery is 75% or more
Yellow If the remaining charge of the battery is 50% or more
Orange If the remaining charge of the battery is 25% or more
Red If the remaining charge of the battery is 25% ore less
Flashing red If the remaining capacity of the battery allows the user to continue working for only 10 more minutes (at full luminosity)

The system comes with exchangeable power adapters for use in the EU, USA, UK and Australia. They can be easily exchanged in the charger.
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