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Ptose-Up S3.3021 product photo

Ptose-Up S3.3021

Product ID: 000000-0604-595
Prod. ID: 000000-0604-595, FCI Prod.: S3.3021

Ptose-Up is a suspension set consisting of a strip of biomaterial made of expanded Poly Tetra Fluoro Ethylene (ePTFE) fitted with a needle at each extremity. It is used to join the upper eyelid to the frontalis muscle in ptosis surgery with frontalis suspension.

Sterile, disposable
Box of 1

- Designed by J.M. Ruban, M.D.
- 80 mm long & 0.85 mm diameter metallic probe
- Strips made of a biocompatible, porous, inert, biointegratable, non-toxic, ready to use, non-allergenic material
- 58 mm long needles with ultra sharp tips to facilitate strip insertion
- Convenient to place and adjust
- Excellent eyelid contour
- Reduces surgery time
- Inert material that can be removed easily
C$ 120.00
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