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Painless Plug S2.4002 product photo

Painless Plug S2.4002

Product ID: 000000-0604-501
Prod. ID: 000000-0604-501, FCI Prod.: S2.4002 

One size fits all punctum plug that eliminates sizing and simplifies stocking. Its pre-stretched shape on the inserter avoids the need for dilation and facilitates insertion.

The Painless Plug, or SnugPlugs as they are also known, are packaged preloaded in a stretched position and return to their natural shape when released from the inserter. The expanded shape assures a snug fit in the punctum and virtually eliminates pop-out. The soft collar prevents migration and provides patient comfort.

- For punctal occlusion
- Medical grade silicone
- Permanent yet removable
- Individually packaged
C$ 80.00  excl. tax
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