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Kitaro Complex Lab 1 K-6000 product photo

Kitaro Complex Lab 1 K-6000

Product ID: 000000-0623-972
Prod. ID: 000000-0623-972, FCI Prod.: K-6000

For the advanced surgeon, Kitaro has developed two kits for complex surgical procedures. Like the Dry & Wet Lab kits, the Complex Case Labs allow for repeated practice of techniques and procedures with realistic but synthetic materials.

The Kitaro Complex Lab 1 allows a surgeon to practice such complex cases as small pupil management, weak or ruptured zonules, and intraocular lens transcleral fixation. The surgeon may also elect to practice phakic IOL insertion with an optional add-on part.

Set includes a wide range of reusable and disposable goods such as the mask, forceps, corneas, and sclerocorneal sheets.


Reusable and disposable goods.

- Ability to practice techniques and procedures with realistic synthetic materials
- Reusable and disposable goods are included in kits and sold individually as replacement parts only (see downloads for more detail)
-Sold ready-to-use, however, optional goods such as a drain box are available individually
C$ 2,195.00  excl. tax
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